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Our History

Founded in 2000, by its owners Steve and Anne Deli, they have sought to create exceptional customer experience and service based on:


Steve Deli, began his journey with Harley-Davidson in the late 1980’s when as an investment banker in Chicago, he is credited with saving Harley-Davidson Motor Company from bankruptcy and then led Harley’s IPO (Initial Public Offering). After serving as Harley’s outside financial advisor for many years, he conceived of, founded and led what is today Harley-Davidson Financial Services.

In the “bible” of Harley-Davidson’s survival story, Well Made In America, Steve Deli is attributed with saving the Motor Company. Read the following excerpts.

Anne Deli began her career in New York City at leading Madison Avenue Advertising agencies and then in Marketing consulting, rising quickly to senior management. She first consulted with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company in 1990 to create brand strategies outside of North America. Later, she joined its senior management as Harley’s first woman Vice President, responsible for Global Marketing and Brand Management as well as the global licensing program.

Anne has had a long relationship with Harley-Davidson that dates back to 1960, when she met her next door neighbor, Mr. William Harley-Davidson, son of the founder of Harley-Davidson. Her first motorcycle ride came shortly after when Mr. Harley took her for a ride in a side car down Kensington Blvd, in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI. A native of Milwaukee, she has a love for the brand and all that it represents and is very proud that she and Steve have created a profitable business, where our 300 employees can live the lifestyle while being confident in financial stability and a high level of personal and professional integrity.

American Road Group
Steve and Anne Deli purchased their first Harley dealership, Orlando Harley-Davidson in 2000. Since that time they have been focused on creating and building America’s best Harley dealerships and merchandise stores, today’s American Road Group.

They built Orlando Harley-Davidson into an internationally known, and perhaps the largest dealership, in the United States. The Harley General Merchandise business was from the beginning visioned to be separate from the motorcycle business, and was put under different leadership with professional retail leadership. Both the dealership business and the general merchandise retail business has continued to grow, during the recession and now. Through professional management, a high quality workforce and excellent retail locations, they considers their business the best in the Harley world.

American Road Group is committed to dealership and retail store growth, dedicated to the Harley-Davidson brand and to our Harley customers everywhere who ride or shares a passion for the brand.